Not too long ago I looked for a hosting company in South Africa to host a couple of my websites. Going through the process of sifting through countless hosting companies, I have come to the following conclusion: South African hosting services suck. I am a proud South African but nothing compares to the features supplied by USA based hosting companies for the same price. One company that I have used before that is worth mentioning is Hetzner. They have good service and customer feedback but not even they share the same features as companies like Webhostingpad and Hostgator.

Using SA based hosting companies, you can expect to pay anything from R200 up per month for above mentioned features supplied by USA based hosting companies. Only drawback is that no domains can be registered. Browsing forums like mybroadband you will find uncapped hosting ads from R9 per month for example, but further inspection will show that space and email accounts or traffic is limited with no PHP or MySQL support.

Webhostingpad (WHP) is my preferred host. Following is a comparison table with other well known hosts.

Features WHP Hostgator Afrihost MWeb Hetzner
Hosting Country
Unlimited bandwidth 2GB 10GB
Unlimited storage 2GB 1GB
Unlimited domains 1/acc only 10
Unlimited email accounts 5 1 100
Unlimited MySQL databases 1 50MB 5
CPanel konsoleH
Softaculous /Fantastico
Free scripts
Account creation $48 $48 - Free R220
Cost registration - - R39 R19 R80
Cost .com registration $15 $15 - - R129

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  2. Marius says:

    Good choice. Webhostingpad is an excellent web hosting provider. I host multiple websites with them and they are one of the best in the market.

  3. David says:

    You should try webhostingbuzz

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